I’ve been doing some cross-stitch so I’ve had some yarn lying around, and when I first was trying to think of a photo idea I looked at it and thought “hmm maybe I’ll sort of… tie it around the base of each breast, really tight, to get a super cool bondage look”.
Alas, dear reader, this Did Not Work to the most profound imaginable extent (I suspect due to the size of my tits and also due to the, uh, rules of physics). So! This is what I ended up with in the end, haha.
I don’t mind it, though; there’s something sort of nicely symbolic (if a bit obvious) about physically framing parts of yourself, stringing lines around [body part X ]; it goes beyond passive acceptance (‘yeah my [X] is ok’) to ‘this is something a bit worth marking out’.
Anyway that’s my pseudo-philosophising for this week, lol — it’s just my tits with some string round them, really!
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Sinful Sunday



This photo is really grainy and blurry, I know, but it kind of seems fitting, given my thoughts behind posting this one for Sinful Sunday.

All the pictures I’ve posted on this blog (or on Twitter) up until now have been of things I felt good about, my ‘best angles’ and features I like, the …very filtered me. I was thinking though last night about – why I even have this blog, the kind of attitudes about my body I actually want to have and cultivate, and so today I’m posting this one. Probably it’s pretty innocuous, to anyone else, not particularly striking in any way, but it shows the parts of my body I’m most self-conscious about, that feel furthest to me from the ‘perfect’ a big part of my brain still measures myself against.

It feels navel-gazey and self-involved to even post thoughts like this, but – if not here, then where? Thanks for indulging me, guys.


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Sinful Sunday