Geoff rocks the plug a little, and the widest part of the stainless steel bulb pulls heavy against the inside of Mark’s ass. He’s drowning again in the feeling of dragging suspension, the plug tensile on the edge of slipping either in or out, and he wants both and neither. It’s a discomposing kind of pleasure, like sensation has abandoned individual nerves and is pooling heavy and strong, stronger than him, in the cord of his spine.

The plug slides back in, and Mark’s panting, head thrown to the side. He’s on his knees, naked. Geoff is on his back beneath him, still mostly clothed, face just below Mark’s chest, one arm up around Mark’s hips so his fingers can coax the plug back and forth. His other hand is against Mark’s chest, splayed flat, fingertips pressing into the skin. When he’d said he wanted to watch – not coquettishly but with a dark seriousness – Mark had thought he meant, well, the action behind. Not this, not looking right at Mark’s face.

He lets the plug sink so deep Mark feels it like braille at the back of his skull, presses it a little so not just the bulb and the stem but the base of the curved handle are inside him, and then shallow tugs, quick and shuddering-good. This isn’t teasing. Mark’s done teasing. This is something else, peeling him open and licking along his bones.

He’s still panting, he can’t get his breath, can’t shake himself lucid from this feeling.

‘I’d like to know what you’re thinking,’ says Geoff. There’s a growl on the edge of it but the sheer impersonal force of the way he says it winds a fist right into Mark’s gut. His eyes are rolling back in their sockets and the world’s gone smeary-white.

Auuugh,’ says Mark, and arches his back more, presses harder into the pressure of the plug. Geoff quickens the movement of his hand and Mark gives a naked moan, on fire from navel to knees.

‘I can’t,’ he says, frantic, without knowing what he means. ‘I can’t I can’t.’ Geoff slides a little further down Mark’s body so that Mark’s cock, bobbing stiff and dripping, brushes against his lips.

‘You can,’ he says.


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